Sunil Sharma – Our Founder & CEO

At SILVERON, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet client requests with enthusiasm, passion and most of all with innovative solutions that continue to provide outstanding results.

SILVERON’s journey started with one man’s focus and relentless efforts over decades safeguarding availability of water resources for the nation.

It gives us immense pleasure to introduce our visionary founder & CEO, Sunil Sharma, the inspirational force that powers Team SILVERON.

A forward-looking industrialist & environmentalist, he has done pioneering work in the world of Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) research & development in India with a singular goal – conserving water resources for our nation’s future.

The Journey

Sunil Sharma, an MBA (1979, Lucknow University) is a first-generation industrialist involved in manufacturing of formulations, electronic milk analyzers and specialized chemicals since 1982.

Over 2 decades ago, he started taking out time and part of the profits from his businesses ventures to experiment on soil and water relationship and pursue his passion for water conservation.

The initial purpose of these experiments was to understand the role of varying soil profiles and natural ground water recharge process along with analysis of the reasons which led to choking or failure of most existing artificial ground water recharge structures.

Years of untiring efforts has helped him uncover causes of high failure rates in conventional RWH system designs. Under his leadership, SILVERON has developed unique designs for economical & effective Rainwater Harvesting techniques. 

A testament to the success of Mr. Sharma’s design – under his leadership, SILVERON has installed thousands of RWH structures and as of date, each of these structures is giving excellent performance, year after year, without an instance of failure or collapse.

Talk on Rainwater Harvesting by Sunil Sharma, Founder & CEO, SILVERON

Corporate Projects & Success

SILVERON was born when Mr. Sharma’s passion for water conservation and his desire to benefit the society led him to take additional responsibility by associating with Coca Cola India to consult on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) matters and as an Advisor for Water Conservation (2003 – 2017).

Under his guidance, SILVERON installed 150 RWH structures and ensured creation of groundwater recharge potential equivalent to more than 9 times the groundwater extraction by the company in Rajasthan.

Over the next decade, Mr. Sharma has worked with Hero MotoCorp for water conservation by spearheading projects such as the installation of over 160 SILVERON RWH structures at Hero MotoCorp’s  Halol Plant (Gujarat), over 150 structures at the company’s R&D facility CIT, Kukus (Rajasthan), 140 structures for Neemrana Plant (Rajasthan), 21 each at Dharuhera and Gurgaon plant (Haryana) of Hero MotoCorp and 105 SILVERON RWH  structures at Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh.

Under Mr. Sharma’s guidance, SILVERON continues to expand its footprint with several projects with renowned corporate houses such as ISGEC and SSM in Yamunanagar (Haryana) & SCL, Noida (UP).

Social Engagement & Recognition

The water conservation efforts pioneered by Sunil Sharma & his expertise in the domain are of great value to SILVERON & the community of Water Conservationists.

His pursuits for preserving our water heritage has helped rejuvenate two 15th Century water bodies (Bawari) at Jaipur. These previously dilapidated & defunct step-wells are now are full of water round the year even today.

A recipient of the Jal Mitra Puraskar for his outstanding work in the field of water conservation, Mr. Sharma is regularly invited as a guest speaker by various management institutions, seminars pertaining to water related issues both by State as well as Central government agencies. He has also served as a member of Task Force constituted by Government of Rajasthan to address water issues for the state.

Vision for Water Conservation

Mr. Sunil Sharma firmly believes that nature supports every effort that does not interfere with natural laws and that there can be nothing nobler than Rainwater Harvesting because here is an act by which you are restoring the balance of nature & safeguarding our future generations.

The development of the SILVERON recharge shaft is the outcome of one man’s passion & innovation for Rainwater Harvesting. Mr. Sharma’s patience for trials and experiments on relation of water with different soil formations, his vision of incorporating maximum environmental benefits in one design and still keep it simple – is a foundation stone for SILVERON.

In a subsequent blog we will cover more details on the SILVERON Recharge Shaft – what led to its design as a ground water recharge system, how this design naturally improves opportunities for water to move within the ground by creating connectivity between porous formations and SILVERON’s RWH systems give excellent performance, year after year.

3 Replies to “Sunil Sharma – Our Founder & CEO”

  1. श्रीमान
    निःसंदेह आपके द्वारा किया जा रहा कार्य प्रशंसा योग्य हैं ।
    समाज को आनें वाले समय में आप जैसे और कर्मवीरों की आवश्यकता होगी जो धरती माँ की कोख में फिर से पानी डालने की कुछ कोशिश करते रहे ।
    जो नाकाफी ही होगा । हमें एक सामाजिक अभियान चलाने की आवश्यकता है ।
    अभी तो मानव अपने स्वार्थ के लिए पानी का दोहन ही कर रहा है । वह यह नहीं सोच रहा कि हर स्त्रोत को बुद्धिमतता से प्रयोग नहीं किया जाता तो उसका अंत सुनिश्चित हैं ।
    आप जैसे कर्मवीर ही इस ओर ध्यान दिलाने की कोशिश कर रहे हैं ।
    आपको सलाम ।
    Undoubtedly, the work you are doing is praiseworthy.
    Society will need more workers like you in the coming times, who try to pour some water into the mother’s womb again.
    Which will be insufficient. We need to run a social campaign.
    Right now man is only tapping water for his selfishness. He is not thinking that if every source is not used wisely then its end is sure.
    Karmaveer like you are trying to draw attention to this.
    hats off to you .

  2. I know Mr Sunil Sharma from his University days. That time it self I had noticed that he had abilities of taking right decision and was out of Box solution giver. He was a thinking soul and his ideas were appreciated by one and all.

    He has a sharp brain but that doesn’t mean that he was only into academics but was equally good in other activities such as sports and music. His love for these activities can be witnessed even today in his private and social functions.
    Silveron was more of a plateform from where he was able to take challenges and satisfy his urge to do some thing and give back to society. What can be better he thought, satisfying the quench of mother earth who in turn provide food and water to everyone without discrimination.
    I am lucky have him as a friend for last forty years and wish him good health in this testing times.

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