Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some common questions that we hear about rainwater harvesting.

Why should we harvest rainwater ? Rainwater Harvesting has become important as the quantity of accumulated ground water is being depleted and the natural recharge processes are unable to balance the excessive water withdrawal. We need to augment the recharge process through artificial recharge techniques or else shortage of water will make our regions uninhabitable.

Could the water table continue to decline despite a Rainwater Harvesting System? The water table will continue to decline if the positive impact of the rainwater harvesting effort is unable to contain the negative impact of excessive ground water extraction. When building rainwater harvesting systems to recharge  ground water, we must ensure that the recharge potential exceeds the extraction.

Why do conventional Rainwater Harvesting systems fail? Artificial recharge systems based on a conventional design with a slotted pipe fail very soon as the slots are choked and water starts holding in them. This design is self defeating and does not work.  We do not use slotted pipe in our structure to harvest Rain Water.

Can flow of silt be completely avoided in a Rainwater Harvesting System ? The fact that silt particles will get suspended and remain suspended in flowing turbulent rain water during monsoon must be accepted as a natural phenomenon and should not be treated as a major deterrent. The recharge structure design should be capable of recharging despite of silt attempting to clog the system.

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