About Us

SILVERON is a team of highly motivated experts and experienced professionals, led by Sunil Sharma.

Our Journey

Since the last two decades, SILVERON has been advising, designing and implementing water conservation projects for various clients and corporates such as Coca-Cola India, Hero MotoCorp, SABMiller India. At SILVERON our experience ranges from rejuvenating and restoring historical 15th century stepwells at Jaipur, building and maintaining 12 ponds at Neemrana, and constructing over 1000 rainwater harvesting and water conservation structures at various locations across India.

Our Insight

Our understanding of the relationship between soil and water and the reasons which cause Rainwater Harvesting efforts to fail has helped us in perfecting the design of our rainwater harvesting system. We have observed that the natural processes of groundwater recharge are most appropriate for augmenting groundwater aquifers. The natural cycle of ground water recharge only needs to be supported with artificial rainwater harvesting techniques. Any system that hinders or interferes with nature‚Äôs ways is bound to fail. We have designed our rainwater harvesting systems with focus on supporting the natural processes for tangible & long lasting solution for groundwater recharge.

Our Approach

We have developed rainwater harvesting systems that support the natural process with minimal interference. Based on the topography and soil conditions, our rainwater harvesting structures facilitate and play along with the natural processes. Our systems are easy to clean and maintain and are designed to operate flawlessly, year after year.

Next Steps…

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