Silveron Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting - today's gift for a better tomorrow

Water is the most important natural resource essential to sustain all forms of life.

Groundwater aquifers are nature’s stores of fresh water, filled over the years by the percolation of rain water into the ground. In the past the extraction of ground water was less and the natural recharge of rain water was more. The increased demand for water has led to excessive extraction of ground water resulting in a rapid decline in the water table each year. This is the leading cause of severe water scarcity in many regions and the only way to combat this problem is by creating systems for artificial recharge of groundwater.

Rain Water Harvesting refers to artificial techniques that augment the natural processes for replenishing groundwater aquifers. Conserving water and supporting the replenishment of groundwater through Rain Water Harvesting is a prime responsibility of every individual and establishment that uses water.

We at SILVERON are passionate about rainwater harvesting and water conservation.

Our elaborate experience of over two decades in designing and building Rainwater Harvesting Solutions for India’s biggest brands at their multiple sites across diverse geological, hydrogeological and climatic conditions are testimonial to our success.

Our research and understanding of soil and water and our expertise can help you design and implement Rain Water Harvesting systems that will enable recharge of available rain water to the maximum potential.

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