SILT – a natural phenomenon

Silt is the finest particles of soil which get suspended in flowing rain water and deposit at lower courses. During monsoon period the turbulence is high hence the suspended silt does not get time to settle and the water appears murky. 

Suspended Silt in Rain Water

Most rain water harvesters divert all their efforts and attention on checking silt from flowing into their rain water harvesting structure. The most  common focus is on construction of chamber for settlement of silt. This basically is a small underground tank where through an inlet pipe rain water with suspended silt enters and clear water is expected to go out through another outlet pipe after settlement of silt (decantation).

The rain water flowing into the silt removal chamber does not get sufficient time to stand still and let the silt settle hence most of the silt flows into the recharge structure and if at all the silt settles down in the chamber, it covers and blocks the out let which in turn starves the recharge structure of water.  It is practically impossible to keep cleaning the silt chambers at regular intervals.

Silt is a natural phenomenon and should not be such a major deterrent to RWH efforts. SILVERON designs recharge shaft such that the performance is not hampered by normal silt naturally present in the flowing water.  The design is such that the silt which had entered the shaft in the previous monsoon is removed easily during the pre-monsoon maintenance in subsequent year, at almost negligible cost.

Supporting nature – a sure path to success. 
Going against nature – a recipe for failure.

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