Water harvesting – reason for failure

In the pursuit of designing a flawless rain water harvesting design, team SILVERON focused on choked and non functional structures to understand the reasons of failure.

It was observed that artificial ground water recharge systems designed with slotted pipe work efficiently in the first few days of rain and there after their intake efficiency reduces rapidly and finally water starts holding in them.

Slotted-pipe design based rainwater harvesting structures

Our study of the problem showed that in this structure design the rain water is directed to flow into the pipe with slots. This water fills the pipe and moves out of the slots to fill  the space outside the pipe and form a water column around the pipe up to the same level as that of the column inside the pipe.

The soil particles get suspended in the water column outside & both columns recede simultaneously. The suspended silt deposits inside as well as outside the pipe, blocking the slots at the last part of the pipe.  With every inflow of water, this process is repeated till all the slots in the pipe is chocked with silt and finally the pipe becomes a closed pipe – This invariably leads to system failure.                                                                             

In this system, it is expected that mother earth will absorb water as soon as it comes out of the slots while ignoring the basic principle of nature that ‘water seeks it own level’ at the first opportunity.


The English dictionary defines science as “the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment”.

We at SILVERON, while analyzing the reasons which lead to failure of rain water harvesting efforts concluded that Nature is the ultimate science and natural processes, systems and principles cannot be challenged or tampered with.

We can endorse without doubt that nature knew the importance of water for life on earth so it covered the major portion of earth by seas and oceans. Let us not forget the soil with its massive capacity to hold rainwater as ground water.

Nature created the atmosphere, force of gravity, the sun, the moon, the day, the night and the seasons, the plants, the forests, the mountains, the glaciers and the rivers. Every atom, every molecule, every cell is the creation of nature.

Hundreds of thousands of natural principles like water seeking its own level, hot air or water vapor rising and colder air taking its place, clouds forming and rain fall that gives fresh water on earth, are in operation at all times.

Process of photosynthesis, refreshes the supply of oxygen and reduces carbon dioxide in the environment. Thick forests check the velocity of the wind, where every leaf acts as a seat for settlement of suspended particles in the air, where the butterflies, animals and birds make their home and help in pollination and disbursement of seeds, where the fruits and vegetables grow in abundance and from where the food chain begins.

The magnificent and amazing natural principles, processes and systems  are so well amalgamated into each other that we simply fail to take notice of them.

The list of nature’s feats is … unending!

Man is so engrossed and overwhelmed by his own self that he tries to ignore nature, often dares to challenge nature by going against its basic principles and sees reason only when nature exhibits its displeasure and fury. 

Supporting nature – a sure path to success.
Going against nature – a recipe for failure.